Last Lunch- Fort Lauderdale District

We had another of our traditional Last Lunches on the Tuesday before transfers. We invited the Fort Lauderdale district and the zone leaders over. We tried to fill them up with hot roast beef dip sandwiches, green salad, steak fries and Costco chocolate cake for dessert.  We know it was a successful lunch because some of them did not even have room for the cake!

22-oct-12-ll-district-1.jpg 22-oct-12-ll-zone.jpg 22-oct-12-ll-doman-pond-rellaford-me-hall-conger.jpg

The district – Elders Doman, Pond, Rellaford, Pier, Patino, Hall, Conger. Sisters Pier, Escorbores, Tuai. In the middle we add the ZLs – Elders HoChing on the left and Bishop on the right.

22-oct-12-ll-escorbores-mary-tuai.jpg 22-oct-12-ll-mary-tuai-pond-hall.jpg 22-oct-12-ll-pond-hall-bishop-hoching-escorbores.jpg

Sisters Escorbores, Pier and Tuai make a lovely picture. In the middle sisters Pier and Tuai share the table with elder Pond and Hall. Elders Pond, Hall, Bishop and HoChing with Sister Escorbores caught with a forkful heading for her mouth.

22-oct-12-ll-doman-rell-bishop.jpg 22-oct-12-ll-escorbores-taking-picture-doman-rell-pond-conger.jpg 22-oct-12-ll-pond-at-computer.jpg

Elders Doman, Rellaford and Bishop sharing a moment together. Sister Escorbores takes a picture of Elders Doman, Rellaford, Pond and Conger. This great district has been bringing more souls unto Christ in a month than some Zones – than some missions in the US! They have great faith, they are strictly obedient, and work hard – they are above average missionaries. I think the sign above Elder Pond says it all!

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