P-Day Visit to the Temple Site..

 One of the things Mary really likes to do is to go by the Fort Lauderdale temple site and see what is new. So this morning we got up and out of the house early…well for a P-day it was early and got the chance to see and take pictures of the temple with the steeple in place – now it just needs Moroni up there.

oct-20-2012-artist-rendering-and-the-real-thing-front-if-temple.jpg the-sun-is-rising-on-the-front-of-temple-with-steeple-in-place.jpg 20-oct-12-fl-temple-west-1.jpg

The front – East side – of the temple with the steeple. The first one includes the artist rendering which of course does not do justice to the actual temple. The right hand shot is of the West side as seen from the freeway with the sun rising behind it. If you look closely you can see the beautiful windows that are in place. Brother Berry told us that there is decorative trim that will accent the windows even more. What a beautiful scene this will be at night with all the windows lighted.

20-oct-12-fl-temple-north-steeple-with-lots-of-tree.jpg oct-20-2012-north-side-of-temple.jpg 20-oct-12-fl-temple-stone-close-up.jpg

A couple of shots of the North side of the front of the temple. When the pre-cast stone that covers the temple is sealed it will be lighter and the small chips of blue and clear stone should sparkle.

After visiting the temple we went to McDonalds for breakfast and then to the office where I had to do some things that I had forgot to do yesterday. Later we will go out with Elders Pond and Hall to help teach an investigator and then it will be time to go to the evening session of Fort Lauderdale’s Stake Conference.

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