Sister Dye at the End of the Rainbow…

oct-2012-sister-dye-on-the-edge.jpg oct-2012-sis-dye-stegelmeier-andrus-johnson.jpg oct-2012-sister-andrus-and-dye.jpg

The four sisters who live near the mission office and serve the wards in the area came by today to get some supplies they needed. Earlier in the day I had to take down the pictures of the missionaries who are going home this transfer so we could put them in their departure packets. That means all the other missionaries needed to be moved up the board. Since Sister Dye will be on her last transfer she now leads the board. Like all good missionaries she is sad about leaving the mission in December but she is also determined to make this last 6 weeks her best. Sisters Dye, Stegelmeier, Andrus and Johnson point to their pictures on the board. Sister and Andrus wanted a picture of the two of them. Sisters are very special missionaries and we hope to be here when the first 19 year old sister comes into the mission. If we can not be here we hope to at least know her name and when she will come.

Sister Dye asked if we were sad when we left our first two missions and I told her not really because we knew it was time for us to leave and we had already planned when we would go on our next one. That is the advantage of being senior missionaries…you know that as long as your are physically and financial able, you can continue to serve the Lord by going on another mission.

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