09 Dec 2011 – Bikes and Christmas Party

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Each missionary in the Fort Lauderdale mission must have a bike. This means that each vehicle needs a bike rack and that there are lots of bikes that need repairing. Today we exchanged cars for two sister missionaries and this required installing a rack on their new car. To make a long story shorter I got to install the rack in a parking lot with it raining. This is not something that they give classes for at the MTC but I am getting fairly good at it.

The pictures above were taken at the storage space where bikes, parts of bikes, and bike racks are stored. The first picture is of the mobile bike repair man that comes out and puts bikes back in serviceable condition. Elder Collins – who handles housing and bikes – and Elder Beagsley were also at the storage shed. I am sure I will learn much more about bikes and bike racks before this mission is over.

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We had the opportunity tonight to go to the Weston/Pembroke Pines Christmas party and after dinner the YM and YW of the wards beautifully and reverently portrayed the nativity story. After each scene was read by the narrator and acted out by the youth, the audience joined in a carol that fit the scene. It was a real spiritual experience to share this with the wards.

We were happy to see that there were at least 2 non-LDS in attendance that we were introduced to and the missionaries got an appointment with one of them. BTW the food was very good also.

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These are just pictures from our daily life. The Publix grocery store is on our way home so we stop there a couple of times a week. We found that it has both A&W diet root beer and delicious rice pudding. For those two reasons alone it is a must stop for us.

The other picture is just across a driveway from Publix and I have no idea what the building holds but the scenery was too beautiful to not share. Water, water everywhere today.

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  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    I was impressed with the costumes in the nativity scenes. Our “senior” ward did a live nativity, very effective and spiritual, but a little less spectacular than yours. Maybe you should suggest to the MTC that they have a class or two on bike fixing.


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