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17 Dec 2011 – What Christmas is about…

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The picture of the Savior is printed over a collage of pictures of missionaries and hangs in President Anderson’s office. We ran out of room for packages in the room where Mary and Sister Collins does the mail so we decided to move the growing stack into the same office until we can take it to the Mission Christmas conference on the 22nd where we will hand out them out. Notice all the Post Office “pack all you can” boxes. Some are very light and some feel like the missionary is going to get a load of gold for Christmas. The middle picture shows how Sister Beagley used her talents to decorate the office waiting room. The traditional decorations go well with the pictures that are there reminding us again of what Christmas is really about.

17 Dec 2011 – Sightseeing?

We decided that we would drive through some of the nearby everglades to see what is there. The problem we ran into is that Florida is so flat that there is almost nothing to see from the road except the grasses growing along the side of the road. Occasionally there is a break where the water comes close to the road and there are places where you can pull in and put a boat in the water. But after traveling about 5 miles with nothing going on we decided that it was not the way to spend a whole afternoon.

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The boat in the right picture soon pulled along side the dock Mary is standing on and two happy if slightly tipsy fisherman disembarked. I asked them how the fishing was and they said not good but that it was a beautiful morning. Actually I doubt if fishing was their main activity.

I wonder how people navigate these waterways because once you are in the water there does not seem any way to know where you are without a GPS…maybe they navigate using the power lines as their guide.

We do want to go back and take a airboat ride…there is a good one about 30 minutes from our apartment – or so they tell us.