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12 Dec 2011 – The Joy of Harvesting the Lord’s Vineyard!

President Anderson send out a letter each week that shares some experiences that the missionaries have written to him and to re-inforce some recent teaching or training. This is one of the stories he shared this week. Note that the family got baptized on the 11th and will now enjoy the blessings of the gospel this Christmas.

Our testimony of Christ is invoking the Spirit and melting hearts. The Lord is blessing the people of South Florida in answering their prayers to find the truth, but we must be obedient and worthyto find them:

“…it was dark, people weren’t really too interested in letting us in or even answering the door.  We were discouraged and about to head to our next appointment when we realized we hadn’t finished the hour. So we trudged on.  At the next house we were rudely refused, but on the 2nd house after that, we found Jesus Garmas.  He opened the door and after giving the approach asked us ‘Who sent you?’  I explained again that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and it was Him that sent us, and he asked again, ‘Who sent you?’ We testified again of Jesus Christ.  I asked him if he felt he needed the blessing and said ‘well yeah, I’ve been trying to get baptized but didn’t know how’, …He went on to say how unusual it was that we were out and about just giving blessings… we explained that we had received inspiration to come to this area, and had just started knocking down the street until we came to him.  Well he went to get his wife for the blessing but she didn’t want to …and we agreed to come back the next day. We left and as we were contacting people across the street he came back outside his house and called to us over the hedge ‘Hey when you’re done over there I need you back over here.’  Well we finished with the people we were talking with and went back, and he told us that he couldn’t let us leave…He had prayed the most sincere prayer of his life to be baptized and then we knocked at his door…We left the blessing … and afterward testified of the Holy Ghost and how he could be baptized even as early as this month.  He was in shock, “Really?  I can get baptized this month?’  We then invited him to  be baptized the 11th. He looked at his wife, who looked at him and asked ‘what are you looking at me for?’ Then he said ‘They answered my prayer’… When we went back and taught the restoration, he sat us down at his table with his wife and daughter and her boyfriend, and the first thing he said was ‘Why did you ask me how I felt last night after the prayer?’ We talked of the Holy Ghost and how that is how we know what is true from God.  He said ‘I thought so, because I felt it, and I slept better last night than I have in a long time.’…he is getting baptized this Sunday.  The family came to church yesterday and loved it … It truly was a miracle and one of the blessings of being the Lord’s servant.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this. “

I interviewed this wonderful man and his wife yesterday. Not only did he get baptized, but so did his wife and 16 year old daughter. The daughter’s boyfriend is taking the lessons and another daughter is becoming interested. These miracles are waiting for all of us.