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07 Dec 2011…Clean Cars and a New Neighbor

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When you have a fleet of over 60 cars there are always new ones coming into the mission and the old ones need to be sold. Before we can sell them we have to repair any major damage, make sure everything works, and clean them up. One of the things I have been doing the last couple of days is taking cars to a car wash where they are detailed inside and cleaned outside. It is one of the busiest car washes I have ever been to but also one of the best. The people are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the work is very good.

As we were sitting in the apartment we happened to notice that a neighboring family was bringing home a new born. Mary went over to see the baby – we are looking forward to soon having a new grandson coming to Kristy and Jim – and took a couple of pictures of happy mother and sleeping Damon Jr.