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13 December 2011 – District Meeting

cimg3148.jpg cimg3149.jpg cimg3150.jpg

OK so the first picture is not from DM but as we were leaving for it, we notices this watch cat in one of our neighbor’s windows. It is often sitting there keeping a couple of eyes on what is going on. We have never seen it outside so it must be well trained.

As I have said before, going to District Meetings is one of the perks of being a senior missionary. To share the excitement and spirit of the dedicated young missionaries is a real boost for us. They sing, share, and learn. They make commitments to achieve goals that they set themselves and report on how they are doing. The middle picture shows the District leader Elder George on the right and his comp Elder Smoot. They lead by example and set goals that are a little stretch but achievable. The last pictures shows a very reluctant Elder Stholton leading the opening hymn while one of the ZL elder Beard sings out. I almost caught Elder Meredith but only got about 1/3 of his face.

12 December 2011 – Mission FHE

cimg3133.jpg cimg3136.jpg cimg3137.jpg

Tonight all the senior couples went over to the mission president’s home where President and Sister Anderson fed us a delicious dinner, we had a good time talking, watched a video on the birth of Jesus, and then shared white elephant gifts. We surprised the president and sister Anderson by gathering on the porch and singing Christmas carols to them. The last picture is elder Collins opening his gift.

cimg3138.jpg  cimg3140.jpg cimg3141.jpg

The Sommerfeldts are on the left and the Beagleys are on the right in the first picture. Next we have the Buetlers and the Collins. The last picture is a lovely display of temple square that sister Anderson has sitting in the front room.

cimg3142.jpg cimg3144.jpg cimg3145.jpg

This is the same scene from the other end showing the Lion house, tabernacle and Eagle Gate with the temple in the background. The center picture is another shot of the amazing Christmas yard that is down the street from the chapel. The final one is the loot we brought home. A lovely figure that the Andersons gave to each couple, Mary’s stocking filled with goodies and my battery operated all terrain vehicle.

As I have mentioned before one of the great blessing of serving a senior mission is getting to know the mission presidents and their wives and the wonderful couples who are willing to be away from family and friends for 18 months to two years to serve the Kingdom.