21 December 2009

21 December 2009 – Monday

It was very hot and humid today. Luckily we spent most of the time in the house with the fan blowing, in the air-conditioned car, or in the air-conditioned theater. But when we were out in the open it was rather brutal – a taste of what they say is coming. I read in the online papers that the East is having a blizzard and I wish they would send some of that cold air our way.

We had kind of planned to go somewhere today but neither of us really got started this morning and by the time we had started thinking about what to do the gardeners had showed up and that meant we would stay home until 11:00.

So we decided to have a nice lunch at the small boat harbor. We found that the Thai restaurant that we wanted to go to was closed until dinner and so we went to Portuguese restaurant instead. I have now tried Portuguese food four times and except for some excellent swordfish we had the last time, I did not care for any of it. After lunch we went by the Zimbabwean carvers and found that William still did not have the sculpture the Bs paid for some 2 months ago. They should have not paid for it in advance because now William has no real reason to get it done. Mary bought a couple of carved animals from a rich green stone and another carver tried everything he could to convince me to buy something.

We spent the afternoon at the new theater watching Invictus. I was surprised that there were so few people at this showing. It is a great movie about the early days of the new democratic government and South Africa winning the 1995 World Cup.

When we got out of the movie we got a call from the Zone Leaders. They had been trying to call us but I had turned off our cell phone while we were in the movie. It seems that President Mann got a phone call saying that two of our missionaries had been kidnapped and were being held for a ransom so they were calling all the missionaries to find out if they were OK. Most were quickly found but they had problems locating two of the elders but eventually they made contact and found they were safe. That meant it was a hoax and President Mann could start breathing again.

At home we had a left over dinner, watched an episode of Numb3rs on the computer, read some, and then went to bed.

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