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On Christmas day Elder Weaver dressed up as Santa and went out with his companion to make some children’s Christmas day a little brighter.


The whole zone went to the beach on P-day for some soccer, braai, and finally a zone picture. Later they came over to our house where we found that elder Kitili could Hula Hoop and Elder Dishon could not.


Elder Reeder help Mary with her latest puzzle, Elder Vinson got into his e-mail, and Elders Weaver and Reeder got all dressed up as they should for when they are out on P-day but went casual on the shoes.

28 December 2009

28 December 2009 – Monday

It was not a very exciting P-day. Although her hip was not hurting as much, Mary’s cough sounded worse than ever. So while she, for the most part, enjoyed a day of rest and recovery, I cleaned the kitchen to try and head off the ants, did some laundry, and kept sweeping up the debris the wind blew in through the open doors. The breeze is all that keeps us from sweating all the time.

The elders came by to get the braai – they are having a zone activity at the Richards Bay beach. We had thought to at least drop in on them but Mary just was not up to it. Elder Vinson still has his upset stomach and Elder Dishon had a bad headache. I gave Elder Dishon some Alleve and told Elder Vinson to be careful of what he ate.

Later in the afternoon they all showed up to return the braai and so some of them could use our computers to do their e-mailing. It turned out that the company that usually lets them use their computers was closed for the holidays.

They also took the opportunity to exchange pictures so I asked Elder Weaver to let me have any of his that he thought we would like to have. I am glad I did because he had a zone picture as well as a couple of shots from the game parks that were very good indeed.

The also managed to finish off 5 liters of vanilla ice cream. Elder Dishon’s headache was cured but elder Vinson is still hurting. However he was not hurting enough to pass up the ice cream. Later in the evening he called to say that Sister Mann suggested he go to a pharmacist to get something for his stomach and if that did not work we would make an appointment with the doctor.

I spent more time than I wanted to trying to get rid of ants that were in the house and make it so they would not come back. I finally found one of the routes they were taking to get into the kitchen and hopefully cut it off for a while. But I am afraid it is like sticking a finger in a dike – they will just find a new way to get in.

In the evening I managed to get a call through to the nice sister who is making our travel plans for us to get home. Due to the World Cup, there is not a lot of choices but I think we finally found one that will be good. We will leave on the 8th of July and arrive in Chicago on the 9th, stay over night with Jim’s family, and then fly home on Saturday the 10th in the morning. That way Jim and his family will not need to go to SL to see us and rest of the family should be able to be there on Saturday to greet us. But I am going to call Jim and see what he things about this before making the final preparations.

I did have one great accomplishment for the day – I caught up both this journal and my photos on the blog. Now I must try to keep them up-to-date instead of always being a few days behind.