Daily Archives: December 28, 2009

An Ant Rant –

For some reason the ants have decided that the best place in the whole world to congregate is around our kitchen sink. No matter how many I kill or how hard I work to ferret out how they get in, the next time I look they are back. On Sunday I found them swarming all over the area three times. Each time I thought I had not only killed them all but I managed to trace how they got into the house and gave it a good going over with spray. Finally after the third time they seem to have been stopped but maybe they only retired for the night.

Of course the sink is not the only place they appear – a stray crumb of a potato chip will attract them in what seems like minutes. Certain dead insects bring them literally out of the woodwork or any other crack they can find. I can see why people here have tiled floors – if they had carpets they would never be able to see them as they went after the tiny crumbs that seem to part of eating. The first time they would know about the problem was when the ants got so thick that the carpet looked like it was alive.

Darn – there go two more….