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Once Again December Pictures

On the 19th Engwelezane held their Christmas social and, after piano lessons in Esikhawini, we were able to be there for most of it. Everyone got into action before stopping for eating. It was great to see every age group take part – even the investigators joined in.


While waiting for things to get started the children sat in a big circle and sang songs. Mary taught them Popcorn popping on the apricot tree…


The branch has lots of Youth and YSA who like to sing and dance.


The older members also love to dance and sing – that is President Moloi of the district presidency showing off his fancy steps. These four ladies were introduced to us as investigators and included in all the activities.


Everyone sat in a big circle and then moved to the center when it was their turn to participate. President Mngadi was in charge and kept things moving. He is an excellent branch president and really cares about the branch members.

And More December Pictures



On the 18th President Mann and the Assistants came to RB  to have interviews and training. After they were done they came to Esikhawini so they could interview three people to receive the MP and be ordained elders. Two of the young men got their missionary applications. While the President was doing the interviews there was not much for the APs to do until Elder Wengert and his companion showed up. The last picture is the classic one – Not only does it include President Mann but it also includes the famous Ostrich scriptures. Elder Wengert even got to hold them – he is hoping some of their magic will rub off on him.


Although we originally came to make sure the young men arrived to be interviewed, Sister Pier ended up playing a game of Christmas Bingo with the Youth. You will notice how enthusiastic about it these two sisters were about everything, but we finally got everyone together to play Bingo. President Nyawo was also there to help out and talk to the Youth.

December Pictures Continue


Elders Binks and Nganda stopped on their way through to Durban from Swaziland with their damaged bakkie. It seems that Elder Nganda somehow managed to nail a cow while driving. It did significant damage to the bakkie but not as much as the bakkie did to it. This is not the first – or probably the last -time that the elders in Swaziland managed to run through a Swazi stopsign. The last picture is the amost completed puzzle that fell victim to a stiff wind that blew into our house when we open doors to let in some cooler air.


We have lots of wonderful chances to be with members and non-LDS in townships and in the country. These are just three pictures of those we come in contact with. The two young ladies are in Port Durnford. The group of children gathered when we went to see a family in Enseleni.


While we travel though the area we get to see lots of things – some which interest enough to take pictures. The large orange tree that stretches almost across the street caught my eye. Mary thought the big tree on the main road in Enseleni was worth a shot. You can not see very well the interesting trunk structure. We have looked through all our South Africa bird books and can not nail down the name of this very interesting one.


Mary continues to add things to our very African Christmas tree -we even have an angel at the top.

More December Pictures

Four of the five branches held their Christmas social on Saturday the 12th. We were able to visit all four but did not get to stay long at any of them until we reached the last one at Richards Bay. I was surprised to find that I did not take any pictures at the other socials – sometimes I just seem to forget I have a camera. I remembered at RB because there was another brother taking pictures.


I love the picture of the two little girls – to me it symbolizes the Church in South Africa as it should be. It reminds me of the time we went to a funeral in Port Durnford and the chief’s counselor mentioned it was the first time he could remember a white couple at a funeral there and praised the LDS Church for being in PD. I know now that there had been other times but he must have not been present.


President Baldwin took care of his grandson. There was lots of meat to cook on the braii. For once the Vezi’s did not have to cook the food.


There was a short program with Elder Nare singing and the children paying close attention. The elders were there fellowshiping the many investigators that came. It was a good activity with plenty of good food. BTW Elder Wengert can not make a decent paper airplane.

Pictures – Catching up December


All Zone in early December was a time for learning, friendships, sports, sharing talents, and of course eating.


Sister Mann decorated a Christmas tree with pictures of all the missionaries. The couples did most of the serving at meal time, but they also got a chance to eat.


Soccer – Grass and Sand, Basketball, and even a little Rugby worked off energy while working up an appetite.


The Swaziland zone stole the show with their ‘frog’ choir and you can see all the elders loved it. But there was a lot of other talent shared and enjoyed by all – at least most of it.


On Wednesday evening, after All Zone, the couples got to go to the theater and see ‘My Fair Lady.’ Thank you Sister Mann for taking such good care of all the missionaires.