22 December 2009

22 December 2009 – Tuesday

An interesting day where we basically had to work around making sure we were available to meet Sister Mann when she and her visiting family passed through on their way to St Lucia. She was bringing Elder Weaver’s X-Rays, 3 copies of ‘Joy to the World’ DVD, and assorted mail for the elders.

We started our day by buying two food orders for members in Enseleni and then delivering them. We picked up President Vilane along the way so he could take part in the delivery. The first one went to Mama Zulu who we found sitting on the floor of her living room knitting a dress that she can then sell to make a little money. She is the gogo who is taking care of her grandson that was dropped off by her son.

Next we went to Mama Rose’s – Thandeka’s gogo – who has taken in three abandoned orphans. She is a small woman who is as strong both physically and spiritually. She is not a member but Thandeka and one of the orphans are. She would make a wonderful member and I keep trying to figure out how to get her to come to Church and let the missionaries teach her.

Once we left Enseleni we decided to get some lunch at Mc Donalds – we figured that about the time we ordered, Sister Mann would call to say they were close and we would have to pick up our lunch and dash to the N2. However it turned out it was the elders who called and they came to get payment for our Zone T-shirts that had just ordered – we have no idea what we are buying but are happy to be a part of it. After lunch we came home to re-fill my wallet – it had been an expensive morning – and wait for Sister Mann to call. She soon did and we arranged to meet her at the Enseleni off-ramp of the N2. We got there just before she did and we happily got what she was delivering. (I do not know why the type style changed when I made a correction in the post…oh well.)


Her son and daughter-in-law got in Sunday for a two week stay and they had brought some children-size comforters that their 4-H club had made. They were taking them to Mtubatuba to an orphanage where they have some babies. We asked if we could have three of them to give to the orphans that Sister Rose is taking care of and they said certainly. I am sure the young ones will be happy to have them – at least once winter comes around again.

After saying goodbye to them we went to mall to buy another food order – this time for the Chirwas out in Port Durnford. We called elder Weaver to meet us at parking lot to get his x-rays and some mail. They pulled in right beside us as we parked. Talk about timing.

The delivery to the Chirwas went without a hitch and we happen to see the missionary’s car at the Zondi’s homestead so we stopped there to give them their mail. So everything worked out perfectly. By the time everything was finished it was time to head home.

During the day parts of Richards Bay lost their power. The RB elders said the power was out at their boarding and a number of robots were not functioning, but the power at our boarding was always on when we got home.

However at about 7:00 everything in the neighborhood went black and stayed that way for over an hour. We found flashlights and even lit a candle. Once we realized the power was going to be off for a while, we started reading by using flashlights. After a while of doing that I was ready to just nap through it, when the lights flashed back all over the place. We had been told that they had many outages during last summer as the consumption exceeded capacity – when that happens they have rolling black-outs through out the area. I do not know if that was what happened tonight but it well may have been.

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