20 December 2009

20 December 2009 – Sunday

Out really early to pick up Esikhawini elders because the Zone leaders were in Kosi Bay. PEC at Esikhawini – had a nice talk with brother Malinga (hard not to call him President.) Sacrament at Port Durnford – poorly attended with many members just not coming. President Machaka talked about his decision to go on a mission and the problems he had with his parents. Had to decline the first call but went 4 months later – without parent’s permission.

On way from PD to Enseleni stopped at Richards Bay chapel for two temple recommend interviews. Poor attendance at Enseleni but 7 good investigators there – mainly single men from 25-35. It would be nice to have a couple of good families but will settle for some dedicated PH so President Vilane would have some help. Khulekani gave an excellent lesson on Christ’s birth – many people participated and he also called on responses from the YM. He is a good teacher and is well prepared. Tandeka is back from King George hospital and hopefully will take her meds so she will not die. Gave Khulekani his mission papers…he has not cut his dreadlocks.

We get home in time to eat some lunch, relax for a while and then prepare dinner for the elders.

What does it take to fill up 10 elders – 9 lbs of mince (hamburger), 12 cups of homemade re-fried beans, 15 huge – 11″ – tortillas, lots of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and salsa, a large watermelon, 7 liters of pop and 10 ice cream bars.

The elders – especially the US ones – loved the burritos. Elder Vinson closed his eyes as he savored the first bite. I think most of the African elders enjoyed them also. Elder Maremela had two huge burritos with just meat – he said that beans just filled up space that could be used for meat. Elder Weaver said it was the first burrito he had since he left home 18 months ago. Elder Weaver and Elder Reeder had to leave early to go give a blessing to an investigator – President Baldwin’s neighbor.

Once they are gone there are lots of clean-up, dishes to wash, etc. When that is finished we settled down to catch up with e-mail and Facebook.

Any Sabbath day that starts with picking up elders, give me the opportunity to take the sacrament, hear gospel centered talks, and participate in a discussion of the importance of Christ’s birth and life,  and ends with watching a zone of missionaries leave full is a great one.

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