Transfers Part 4 – All the Other Great Missionaries…

Here are all the other new companionships for this transfer. There may be some duplication but hopefully I did not leave anyone out.

Oct 14 - Trans - Stephens, Menendez IMG_6307Our former Vaal Zone, ZL became the new AP when elder Davies – look at the smile on his face – became a senior companion to elder Garnica up in Tzaneen where he will finish his mission.

IMG_6306 IMG_6304 IMG_6303 IMG_6302 IMG_6301 IMG_6300 IMG_6299 IMG_6298 IMG_6315 IMG_6314 IMG_6313 IMG_6312 IMG_6309 IMG_6308 IMG_6307 IMG_6322 IMG_6321_2 IMG_6320_2 IMG_6319 IMG_6318 IMG_6317 IMG_6316 Oct 14 - Trans - Stephens, Menendez Oct 14 - Trans - Davies, Garnica

1 thought on “Transfers Part 4 – All the Other Great Missionaries…

  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    Such a great entry with all of the transfers. Those missionary families will and so appreciate your efforts. We are waiting for District Meeting this morning to see what changes have happened in our district. It is a beautiful day in Emerald!!


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