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Transfers Part 4 – All the Other Great Missionaries…

Here are all the other new companionships for this transfer. There may be some duplication but hopefully I did not leave anyone out.

Oct 14 - Trans - Stephens, Menendez IMG_6307Our former Vaal Zone, ZL became the new AP when elder Davies – look at the smile on his face – became a senior companion to elder Garnica up in Tzaneen where he will finish his mission.

IMG_6306 IMG_6304 IMG_6303 IMG_6302 IMG_6301 IMG_6300 IMG_6299 IMG_6298 IMG_6315 IMG_6314 IMG_6313 IMG_6312 IMG_6309 IMG_6308 IMG_6307 IMG_6322 IMG_6321_2 IMG_6320_2 IMG_6319 IMG_6318 IMG_6317 IMG_6316 Oct 14 - Trans - Stephens, Menendez Oct 14 - Trans - Davies, Garnica

Transfers Part 3 – The District, The Zone, Old Friends

Oct 14 - Trans - Perez, Liera - fuzzy Oct 14 - Trans - Mayende, Ramillarijaona

Oct 14 - Trans - Mukasa, Graham

Wouldn’t you know that the only fuzzy picture of the transfer slides would be our own elder Perez and his new companion elder Liera. Elder Perez is also our new district leader. I am not ever going to even make an attempt at pronouncing elder Mayende’s new companion. I was very happy to know that he is use to being called elder Rami! We have a number of missionaries from Madagascar serving here in South Africa and all of their names seem to be 10 letters or more. Elder Mukasa joins elder Graham in the Klerksdorp area.

Oct 14 - Trans - George, Reese Oct 14 - Trans - Kankunen, Hentunen Oct 14 - Trans - Whitesides, Rogers Oct 14 - Trans - May StilgoeElder Reese joins elder George as the new Vaal zone leaders. Two Finns are now serving together in Sebokeng 2 – they were very excited when this was announced. The big surprise was elder Rogers was moved back into the Vaal Zone and will serve with elder Whitesides. Earlier I posted the picture of elder Stilgoe who will train elder May in Ennerdale.

Oct 14 - Trans - Koyle, Otieno Oct 14 - Trans - Larsen, Saunders

We were sorry to see elder Otieno leave but our loss is Springs gain where he will serve as a zone leader with elder Koyle. Ever smiling elder Larsen is now the district leader in the Diepkloof area. I talked to him about training his district in Prime Time, Walk-about, and of course street displays. All of these he knows works well as he tried them in Klerksdorp. Here is a transfer day picture of him and his new companion.


So ends another transfer!

Transfers Part 2 – The New Missionaries and Their Trainers

As I mentioned in my other post about transfers I do not post transfer information until the missionaries have a chance to write home and tell their parents about who they have as a new companion, where they will serve, and any new calling they might have.

IMG_6281 IMG_6283 IMG_6284 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6289


Above are the seven new elders with their trainers and where they will serve. Unfortunately none are coming our way. New missionaries tend to be assigned somewhat close to the mission home until they are trained and acclimatized.


Oct 14 - Trans - Asay, Bergman - Tsakane 1 Oct 14 - Trans - Manuma, Allen - GermistonOct 14 - Trans - Dunns, Manuma, Allen - GermistonOct 14 - Trans - May StilgoeOct 14 - Trans - Nicotra, Santoro - Roodepoort


Unfortunately I only got pictures of four of the new missionaries and their companions. But I am sure that President and Sister Dunn will soon have all seven of them on their blog.



Into Each Life…Saturday and Sunday

Saturday reminded us that there are days when nothing seems to work out the way you planned it. Every meeting, piano lesson, and visit fell through. I did manage to get some things done at the office while Mary was waiting for a piano student who did not show up. I found out on Sunday that he had gone to his father after agreeing to the lesson earlier in the day.

However Sunday made up for Saturday.

oct14 - Perez setting up Oct14 - Sister Brummer cleaning


oct14 - PH meeting

Three recently baptized men administered the sacrament and then two of them spoke. How wonderful it is to see how the gospel changes lives. Instead of Sunday School, Relief Society and Priesthood lessons, we showed the Priesthood and Women sessions of conference.

Oct14 - RS Ladies  oct14 - Friend, Shavonne, Dolly

After the meetings I felt that I wanted a picture of the great women – young and old – that faithfully come to their meetings each week. Mary pointed out that I had not included the three young women who also watched the session. The two on the right are not yet members and Dolly on the right was baptized just a short time ago.

In the evening I went out with president Kwaikwai and visited some sisters who we have missed lately in our meeting. Since I do not understand either Tswana or Xhosa I missed out on some of the conversation but we did talk some in English and I believe that they will start coming again. President Kwaikwai has only been a member for 4 years but has the wisdom  and the spirit of someone who has been in the Church for many more years. He also has a great love for the members and it shows when he speaks with and to them. It is a joy to serve with him and learn from him.

OCt14 - Our white rose bush a mal3

Whoever planted flowers in our compound had a great love for white roses. This is the large bush of them in our backyard. Elder Shane Webb is our grandson serving in  the Spain Malaga mission. The smile on his face comes from the love that he has for his mission, the people he teaches and for the Lord. He and our granddaughter, Sister McKay Pier. will both be home before Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing them both when we return in August of next year. Since we were on a mission when he got his call and left for Spain we will have not seen Shane for close to four years.