Transfers Part 3 – The District, The Zone, Old Friends

Oct 14 - Trans - Perez, Liera - fuzzy Oct 14 - Trans - Mayende, Ramillarijaona

Oct 14 - Trans - Mukasa, Graham

Wouldn’t you know that the only fuzzy picture of the transfer slides would be our own elder Perez and his new companion elder Liera. Elder Perez is also our new district leader. I am not ever going to even make an attempt at pronouncing elder Mayende’s new companion. I was very happy to know that he is use to being called elder Rami! We have a number of missionaries from Madagascar serving here in South Africa and all of their names seem to be 10 letters or more. Elder Mukasa joins elder Graham in the Klerksdorp area.

Oct 14 - Trans - George, Reese Oct 14 - Trans - Kankunen, Hentunen Oct 14 - Trans - Whitesides, Rogers Oct 14 - Trans - May StilgoeElder Reese joins elder George as the new Vaal zone leaders. Two Finns are now serving together in Sebokeng 2 – they were very excited when this was announced. The big surprise was elder Rogers was moved back into the Vaal Zone and will serve with elder Whitesides. Earlier I posted the picture of elder Stilgoe who will train elder May in Ennerdale.

Oct 14 - Trans - Koyle, Otieno Oct 14 - Trans - Larsen, Saunders

We were sorry to see elder Otieno leave but our loss is Springs gain where he will serve as a zone leader with elder Koyle. Ever smiling elder Larsen is now the district leader in the Diepkloof area. I talked to him about training his district in Prime Time, Walk-about, and of course street displays. All of these he knows works well as he tried them in Klerksdorp. Here is a transfer day picture of him and his new companion.


So ends another transfer!

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