Office Graffiti, Office Workers and New Ducklings…

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Yesterday I wrote about elephants, wildebeests, etc. Today’s animals are much smaller. I was very surprised and happy to see the first spring ducklings on the lake. 6 little ones made their way across the lake while being watched over by mother and then joined by dad. They keep them in line by pecking at them when they try to stray. Hopefully some of them will make it to maturity but the survival rate due to illness and predators is not very high.

8mar13-steg-bares-better.jpg 8mar13-sis-merrill-shredding.jpg 8mar13-steg-crossing-out-dye.jpg

Sisters Stegelmeier and Merrill came in to talk to elder Bare about medical miles. They have a very large area and for a while can not use bikes. Since they have a goal of 15 baptisms for the month…or is it 20…well one of the two and they really think they can achieve this, they need to be able to get to their appointments. Elder Bare will work it out. While they were here they asked if they could help and so sister Merrill ended up shredding old driver’s paperwork while sister Stegelmeier crossed out old names on some file folders so they could be reused. She is looking a little put out because one of those names she crossed out was Sister Makayla Dye who was her trainer and very good friend.


With all the new missionaries coming into the mission there is a need to have more space for missionary pictures and Zones with Pictures. Right now they are on the same board but it will soon be too small so I got a new board that will have just the Zone With Pictures and the other will have the transfer date pictures. Elder Bare basically put the new board up for me. I never thought about the fact that a brand new, pristine white board was just too much temptation for some elders. When I came back into the office I found it covered with elder Beer’s Graffiti. But as I looked at it, I had to approve because it is all about missionary work and goals…I especially agree with the 200 baptisms for March! That is the goal I would really like to see reached in this last full month we will be here. I will leave it up until next week when Zones with Pictures will be going up.

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