11 December 2009

11 December 2009 – Friday

I jumped out of bed, took a shower, got dressed and was getting ready to leave to get the car washed when Mary pointed out it was raining. I had not noticed at all – so much for washing the car. However since I was dressed I went down to Engen and got milk and scones so we could have breakfast.

We spent most of the morning doing errands including grocery shopping, getting cash from the ATM and other things that needed to be done. I did get the new simplified English program ordered for each branch – it took a little name dropping (President Koelliker) to get it accomplished but it worked. We also found out that we accidently took some things that should have gone with Knudsens to New Castle so we will either take it to them on Monday or drive back to Durban and let president Mann take it later in the week when he is going for interviews.

After lunch we went to Enseleni so Mary could have her English lesson with President Vilane. After the lesson Nonhlahla, Kulikani and one other young man showed up just to say hello. I got the young men to help clean up one of the rooms that some group had used and left in a mess.

Then while the three youth and Mary played Skip-Bo, President Vilane and I went to see Khulekani’s gogo about him going on a mission. It is a good thing that the president went with me because she did not speak much English so the two of them talked in Zulu and ever so often the president would fill me in a little. It ended up with the problem being that Khulekani is the only healthy male at the boarding who can help the gogo deal with the younger children and a handicapped man who lives there. But she said that she would talk to Khulikani’s two uncles and see what they think might be done.

When we got back to the library, Mary and the youth were just finishing up a game so we could pack everything up and head to Meerensee to return the keys to the Bs boarding to Bessie. She has someone moving in on the 15th and she wants to get everything ready for them. While Mary waited in the car I had a nice visit with Bessie and she took me all over the yard to show me some of plants. She is a wonderful gardener and in the couple of weeks she has been back from the UK she has whipped the place back in shape.

We finally got home and had just finished dinner when Elder Nare called from Enseleni to say that there car would not start because the battery was dead. So we cleaned up the dinner dishes and headed back to Enseleni. Thanks to the jumper cables that elder B left us, we soon had them back in business. I left the cables with them so if they had the same problem, they could take care of it themselves.

What was interesting was that when we arrived at their car, President Vilane, Nonlhalha, Khulekani, and three or four other members were all there. I suggested that since we were all together we might as well have a meeting. Along the way back to our boarding we stopped for gas and some more scones for tomorrow’s breakfast. It was well after dark before we got home. It turned out to be a busier day than we thought it would be.

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