09 December 2009

09 December 2009 – Wednesday

All Zone continued. The morning meeting was a talk on the characteristics of Jesus by President Wilford. Sister and President Mann spoke about the mission. Elders went out to play sports while there was a short couples meeting with President Mann. Elders had a great time playing soccer – grass and sand – basketball and even a small rugby game.

The hamburgers for lunch did not show up so we got out the left over turkey and other things and the first half of the missionaries ate turkey on hot dog rolls so the missionaries from Swaziland and Newcastle could get going back to their areas. Of course this did not work as some of the missionaries had doctor’s appointments and some left their gear at the boardings where they were sleeping. So instead of getting away by 1:00 they were still there at 2:00.

When the hamburgers finally arrived, the missionaries who had not eaten were told they could eat as many hamburgers as they wanted. It was rather amazing to see how much food some elders could pack away. No, that is not true – we have had many experiences watching elders of our zone go through enough food to feed a family of 5 for a week in one meal.

I had to leave a little early because President Mann wanted to have a presidency meeting back at the office. One of the things we discussed was the Area Presidency’s desire to have the bishops and branch presidents work closely with their youth and YSA. They are to interview them regularly, visit the less active, and know what they are doing with their lives. They are to be encouraged to be married ASAP.

After the meeting I followed Elders Wilson and Knudsen back to our B&B where I enjoyed a nap before getting up to go to see ‘My Fair Lady.’ All the couples except the Manns went along with the Rawlings and another couple from the local ward. The tickets were a whole 80 rand – about $9.50 – for a very well done musical at a very beautiful old theatre. The only complaint I had was that the man who played Henry Higgins did not sing clearly all the time and did not project even though he was miked. But all in all it was a good production and a nice evening out.

It was a good day with the morning being centered on Christ and the evening on the power of love to over come all.

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