02 December 2009

02 December 2009 – Wednesday

Just as we were ready to leave for the B’s boarding for another load, I read a letter from Sister Mann to Mary about the coming District Conference with a number of questions from Sister Koelliker about the district, branches and the Saturday afternoon meeting that she will speak at. Sister Mann thought it would be easier for Mary to answer sister Koelliker directly so she sat down and spent some time answering the best she could.

When she was finished we went to the other boarding and while Mary talked to Bessie about her trip to England for 2 months, I loaded up the car with more goodies. I think we have two more car loads and then President Vezi can come for the big things that are left. Hopefully he can do that on Friday and that will clear out the boarding.

We then motored up to Empangeni and that districts DDM. When we got there I noticed the car was not in the driveway so I called Elder Wengert to find out if why he called earlier was to tell us that there was no DDM. It wasn’t but DDM was moved to Richards Bay so the zone could practice their skit for All Zone. It seems that elder Kitili – the new District Leader – had forgotten to call and tell us of the change.

We decided to skip going to DDM and go back to our boarding to unload the car and then have lunch before heading to Esikhawini and things we needed to do there.

We had English class with Sister Ndlovu and her daughter at their house. Then we went and had a quick PEC with President Machaka before going to Zama’s house to exchange electrical converters.

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