01 December 2009

01 December 2009 – Tuesday

This morning when I looked for my scriptures I could not find them. I even asked Mary to pitch in because she often finds things that I look right past. But even she gave up and I decided that I must have left them at the Esikhawini chapel. Since we needed to give one of Mary’s students a new voltage converter for her key board, we stopped at the chapel first. I looked in a number of places and was just about to give up when I found them in the chapel. The reason I had not looked there first was Mary assured me that she had not seen them there when she closed up after piano lessons on Sunday.

Our trip to Zama’s house was not fruitful –she was not home and neither was her keyboard. So we headed off to Meerensee and the B’s old boarding to start moving things out so we can turn it back over to Bessie and Hans to rent out. But first we stopped along the way at the new KFC for lunch. We hurriedly ate our lunch because the air-conditioning was set so low that Mary almost froze.

We packed up a number of boxes and filled the car before heading back to our boarding. We then spent the rest of the day going through all the things we had brought as well as re-organizing what we already have. As Mary pointed out we basically were going through supplies and other items that go back at least 3 couples – the Beazers, the Hafens and the Bartholomews. We divided things into items we will keep, items we will give to the library, items we will give to the branches, and things to be thrown away.

By the time we had finished – well at least well along the way to being finished – it was well into the evening. Once again we did not really have dinner – just grabbed things while we worked. It was not what I could call a great missionary day, but we did get things done that needed to be done.

I forgot to mention that it was cloudy, drizzled or rained all day. Nice weather for the work I was doing.

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