26 February 2012 – A nice Sunday surprise

As we were waiting for sacrament to start we had a pleasant surprise when a sister we had visited a few weeks ago came over and said hello. She is a lovely woman but due to some problems in her life she had not been coming to church. We dropped by to get acquainted and found her to be very open and happy to see us. We had heard from bishop that she had come out a couple of weeks ago but we did not see her but she was not at church last week. So to have her come this week and look for us was a great blessing. It is often the small things and successes that make being seniors missionaries a real blessing.

I have to mention that one of the high priests is a baker and most weeks he brings treats for priesthood. Today it was delicious soft brownies with a little touch of coconut and banana nut cupcakes. I mentioned that it reminded me of Primary…I never went to Primary when I was young, but I can remember our young children coming out of Primary with a treat in their hands.


While we were waiting to go to a meeting in Weston ward, we ran into brother Angel and took this picture. Angel was the first member we met when we came to church for the first time. He was very friendly and we were kind of surprised that he had been baptized just a couple of weeks before and had not yet received the priesthood. He acted like he had been a member forever. We found out later that the story of how he found the missionaries and was baptized was a golden one. He is another of God’s sons who are on the path to Eternal life.

2 thoughts on “26 February 2012 – A nice Sunday surprise

  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    We’re jealous-treats in Priesthood Meeting!! In an earlier post you mentioned that your airboat experience didn’t really compare with a game drive. Couldn’t agree with you more. Still look for a giraffe or elephant here and there that we go!

  2. Bill Post author

    We will probably go to African Safari every few months just so we can look at the animals we came to know and love in South Africa. I do not think that alligators and crocodiles here grow as big as they do in Africa. Maybe it is because there is a better food source there.


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