25 February 2012 – We take an airboat ride

This morning we took picked up Elder and Sister Sommerfeldt and went to Weston for an airboat ride.

cimg3496.jpg cimg3500.jpg cimg3504.jpg

We waited until it was our turn to board. The Sommerfeldts are good company. This was the mascot for one of the two boats we took out that broke down. When the second one stopped they had to send a third boat out to rescue us and so we had a mid-canal boat exchange – but the third time was charm.

cimg3505.jpg  cimg3519.jpg  cimg3528.jpg

Flashing through the water over the sawgrass at 35 mph was great fun. While we looking at an alligator, this friendly turtle showed up to see what the fuss was about. Elder Sommerfeldt taking pictures of a rather young gator that we saw.

cimg3531.jpg cimg3534.jpg cimg3536.jpg 

This was a larger one that was deeper in the glades. Mary got to hold a young gator…notice that they tape the snout closed so visitors do not lose fingers or other important parts of their body. As we were leaving this peacock came out to say goodbye…he did not fan his tail no matter how often we asked him.

It was a nice P-day trip but nothing like a game park tour in Africa…but then not many things are that good.

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