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28 February 2012 – Elder Plowman’s First DM as DL

Elder Plowman was called to be district leader when elder George went home on last Thursday. Today was his first district meeting as a DL and he did a great job. He did not try to be elder George, he was confidently himself. He taught well, set a few strong but reachable goals for blessings and baptismal dates and committed the district to achieve them. We got to be a part of the meeting and role playing from the zone leaders.

After not many changes last transfer, this time there were a number so I took pictures of the new companionships so we would have them to post here.

cimg3539_3.jpg  cimg3541_3.jpg cimg3543_4.jpg

Elder Wilson joined elder Smoot, elder Conger became a zone leader with elder Beard and elder Grant, who is brand new in the mission, is now being trained by elder Plowman. We found out that elder Grant is from New Jersey and knew our friends elder and sister Taylor while they served there. I sent a copy of this picture to the Taylors who are now serving in Botswana and told them he was serving in our district. The Taylors wrote back that elder Grant was a very strong young man and that he would be a great missionary. Also I mentioned to sister Beagley in the office that we knew someone who had known elder Grant back in New Jersey and she mentioned that it was very much a tender mercy for him to be serving in the ward they attend because they are teaching an African American woman who thought all elders and members were white. She was surprised to be met first by another woman who was also black and then got to meet elder Grant. So the Lord does direct his missionaries to the right mission and areas.