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20 February 2012 – A Last District Meeting and Last Supper Lunch

We have had a very busy and very special day. While I made a run into the office to drop off some things and take care of the Saturday mail, Mary got things organized for having the district over for lunch after the District Meeting which was moved up an hour.

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As usual Elder George directed and taught a very spiritual meeting which focused on how close the district was to taking off as far as baptisms are concerned. He also taught from Moroni 7 about faith and how it leads to baptism. After the lesson the Zone Leaders – Elders Beard and Clark demonstrated a role play on how to get a baptism commitment. Elders George and Smoot then taught me. They got the spirit to come in but missed an opportunity to introduce the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

I have to say that it was a very powerful meeting for me. As we sang the songs I remembered a talk I read on Saturday about how I needed to actually think about the words I was singing if I wanted to get the blessings that comes from singing the Lord’s hymns. I found that it was true and so I felt the spirit as I sang.

After the meetings we hurried home to set up for the lunch. We were had again made sure that Sisters Pack and Beck were invited and they asked if it was OK for their YSA branch mission leader could come. Since we had plenty of food we said sure. A little later the sisters asked if Sisters Holladay and Mata’u who were in the area for a doctor’s appointment could come and of course we said yes. The more the merrier. So for a couple of hours our small apartment was full of busy missionaries who wrote in each other’s journal, ate, took pictures, and just had a good time being together. Just as with South Africa it is a special time for us.

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The food was ready – Sister Beck could not wait – Everyone is too busy eating to talk so it was a success.

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Sister Hong writes, Sister Holder reads, Elder George socializes.

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Sister Holladay demonstrates ‘the claw’ while sister Beck looks on. The sisters wanted a picture with elder George and he made sure he was not touching any of them. Then it was time for a final district picture before they had to leave so Elders George and Clark could attend their exit interview with President Anderson.


After the missionaries had left we found this delightful note from the sisters which is displayed next to the program for the funeral. By the time we had cleaned up and straightened out it was time for both of us to take naps.