23 April 2010

23 April 2010 – Friday

We drove to Durban today so we could drop off two boxes that the Manns were kind enough to allow us to put in their container and to pick up some Elder Zondi’s mission call and other things that the elders needed. Also so we could go to Essenwood Market to get some things to take home to our kids and grandkids – also of course a few things for ourselves. We made our usual stop at Ballito to have lunch and to pick up some food items that we can not get anywhere else. We also were able to get things for Sister Mann.

It was a beautiful day for the drive down the N2 with miles after miles of green fields of cane or trees. The sea shows up from time to time on our left reminding us that we are just a few miles from the beach.

After stopping in at the mission office to do the necessary dropping off and picking up we went to Little Haven to check in for the evening. As always we were greeted like family by the wonderful Rawlings. We will miss this fine couple who after Sister Mann was the first members we met in South Africa.

We had decided to go to a pub where we really love their food and started calling the other couples to see if they wanted to go with us. We were happily joined by the Mickelsens, Coxes and Davises for an evening for good talk and good friends. We love to share the experiences of the other couples. Each of us have different calling so many of our experiences are unique to one couple but there are of course many that we all have. We did not want to stop but we finally broke up the party went home.

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