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09 April 2010

09 April 2010 – Friday

Mary had an appointment to get her incision packed so we were at the hospital rather early. While she took care of that I did some errands. We then drove to Port Durnford where we returned the keys that we took yesterday. They said they did not even know they were gone until 9:30 when they were locking up the house. I deeply apologized.

Our next stop was the Esikhawini chapel where we dropped off some cleaning supplies. Next was a brief stop at sister Khumalo’s to give her the new hose we bought yesterday. I then thought we should go by the Mathes to say a belated happy birthday to Yaya. She was not home but we had a great visit with Sister Mathe, Lisa and Santo – the last two are home from boarding school. We found they were not doing any Seminary work so we said we would bring them books so they could keep up.

After that we came home so we could have lunch and Mary could rest before we headed to Enseleni and English class. President Vilane was the only one who came to English class so he had a very personalized lesson.

We had a chance to talk to Khulekani about having a YSA Family Home Evening like they are having in Port Durnford. I suggested that think about it and work with the missionaries if they decide to do it. We also talked about how to get more people to come to Seminary.

We took President Vilane home and then sat in his driveway and talked about branch callings. I reminded him that he needed to make sure that he let the Lord call people through him and not just assign members to callings. We also talked about the need for lots of prayer before, during and after decisions. President Vilane is one of the most humble men I have ever met and once he realizes his spiritual strength he is going to be an even more powerful branch president.

On the way to our boarding we stopped for gas at the Engen station. When the man who was helping us came up to have me sign for it, he asked if we knew a Mr and Mrs  Davidson. I actually hadn’t until just a couple of days before when Sister Davidson asked to become a Face Book friend. I found that they had served here in Richards Bay about 5 years ago and had very fond memories of the people.

I told Bongani that we did know them and he told how they had come to their house after the death of his parents and remembered their kindness. I told him that I would pass that on and got his information so the elders could go and see him.  It just shows how we never know the results of just living the gospel and touching the lives of others.

The bad news of the day is that Mary may be coming down with a cold. That is something we really do not need right now.

08 April 2010

08 April 2010 – Thursday

Although I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and the D&C on a regular basis, I have not been reading either of them from front to back.  Once again I decided to start readying the Book of Mormon each day with the aim to finish by the end of May.

We had planned to go to RB DDM but when we called we found that they held it yesterday. It seems that they had forgotten they usually hold it on Thursday.

The rest of the day was a normal Thursday. Mary taught English at the Nzamas and then we went to the chapel to have Youth. Lindani and Lungani did not come – I am worried about Lindani who seems to be drifting away. I got Siya at get up and attend. Because it started rather late we just had a Seminary lesson and then let them eat the snacks we brought. They are really good young men and women but for the most part we can not get them to study the scriptures and lessons during the week. I am afraid that the gospel is not a part of their everyday family life. What is amazing is how strong some of them are without this support – they really do love their Savior and have a testimony of the Church. The problem is the lack of depth and too many of them fall away as they go out into the world.

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday night we got a call from the Bartholomews and they are coming to visit for a couple of weeks during the last of May. It will be wonderful to see them and I know the members of the branches will also be thrilled to have them here.