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06 April 2010

06 April 2010 – Tuesday

Mary called to make a doctors appointment and found that Kelling was on vacation but was told to go see her old friend the wound specialist. While we waited for it to be time to go, we finished our latest puzzle. The last piece would not go in so we had to find where we had put a piece in the wrong place and do an exchange.

As we started to leave we found that the automatic garage door opener had jammed and the motor had started to smoke. I managed to find the breaker to shut it off and manually open and closed the door so we could get to the hospital.

When the wound doctor saw Mary’s weeping wound, she said she had to have it opened up and checked so she would have to have day surgery. So the rest of the day was spent at the hospital. She was supposed to be operated on at 3:00 but just before she was wheeled out of the day ward, a couple of emergencies came up so she did not go until 5:30. Everything went well and she was able to leave at about 8:30. Other than she was very tired she was fine.

While waiting for her to be operated on I called to try and get someone to come out and fix the garage door opener but everyone is on vacation. So until they get home it is back to opening the door the old fashion way – work for it.

During the day we got a very nice SMS from the Port Durnford elders thanking us for suggesting the FHE for the YSA. I told Elder Lieros that it was his talk at ZDM about being creative that caused me to give him the idea. I had given it to other ZL over the last few months but had been told it was not practical because of the Ks required for them to go out there on P-day night. But Elder Lieros decided that if it worked the benefits were worth the expense. Thanks to the Lord’s tender mercy and a lot of hard work by the elders it worked.

Just remembered that today is the 180th anniversary of establishment of the Lord’s only true and living church on the earth. I wonder how many of those 30 or so people in that little log cabin imagined that someday the church they were starting would truly fill the whole earth. How thankful I am for Joseph Smith and the other real pioneers of the church who had the faith and courage to establish it in these last days.

05 April 2010

05 April 2010 – Monday

We decided not to go on a game drive so Mary could go into to see the doctor about her weeping wound. By the time we found out that the doctor was not in and that it was a holiday, it was too late to go. So instead we went out to lunch, went to a movie, read a lot, and worked on the jigsaw puzzle.

But the Lord did bless us today. The elders held a family home evening for the YSA in Port Durnford and every inactive single adult – all 12 of them – came. I had suggested this idea to Elder Lieros a couple of weeks ago and he decided to give it a try. The elders worked hard to personally invite each YSA and to arrange for the sisters to be escorted home by the men so they would be safe. The branch provided the funds for the food. It went so well that they are planning to continue holding them each week. Hopefully this will lead to some of them coming back into activity in the future.