21-22 April 2010

21 April 2010 – Wednesday

We started the day by going to the hospital for what we hope was the last time – at least the nurse said Mary did not have to go back. Then we went to Esikhawini to solve a problem for Sbongele Nvlovu before going on to the DDM meeting at Empangeni. It was a well run meeting that concentrated on training on the ‘How Great Shall Be Your Joy’ program for working with members .

After lunch I spent way too much time on the phone solving problems and then letting people know what was going on. During the afternoon we found out that the nationwide strike was finally over so we might get our trash picked up some day. Unfortunately the office that prints maps had closed down during the strike and will not be open until Monday.

In the evening I went to the Richards Bay to meet with Calwyn Baldwin for a couple of hours to catch up paperwork.

22 April 2010 – Thursday

It was a very usual and unexciting Thursday for us. We went to DDM with Richards Bay, ran some errands then on to Port Durnford for English class, Youth and piano lessons

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