24 December 2009


We had the privilage of delivering the comforters to the three orphans that a sister in Enseleni takes care of. I would guess that they used them on Sunday when the temperature fell into the low 50’s. That is cold for the Richards Bay area.

24 December 2009 – Thursday

I have to say we were not too smart for waiting until today to do our shopping for dinner with the elders tomorrow. We went early but it did not matter. A trip that would have taken us 40 minutes yesterday took 90 today. The grocery stores were packed with people who were filling carts with food for tomorrow and Saturday.

By the time we were finally able to get clear of the mall, we thought we were late getting to Sister Ndlovu where the elders were painting her living room and hall. But when we got there we found the elders had started late, left the keys to the chapel at their boarding and had to run down someone to get in and get the paint and equipment. We dropped off a stack of newspaper to help keep the floor from getting painted and headed for Enseleni. Once we got there we went to Sister Rose’s and gave the donated comforters to the three young ladies. They were thrilled with the presents – probably the only ones they will get this Christmas.

After finishing there we went down to the waterfront where we found the Thai place once again closed so we ate at a Swiss restaurant. Once again I was disappointed in the food and the service so that will be the last time we eat down there unless the Thai restaurant is open. The only good thing about it was that there was a nice breeze to keep us cool on a hot day.

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