8 Days In May 2014

Although I have to be careful about over doing things we had a rather busy week. On Friday the 23rd we went to Klerksdorp for District Meeting. Elder Kelem, the DL, has asked different elders to conduct the meetings – something I can not remember happening before in any district where we have served. At the 30th DM elder Harris conducted.May 14 - elder Rogers - DM May 2014 - Elders Perkins and Harris


Elder Rogers conducts District Meeting. Elder Perkins leads the music while elder Harris sings. Elder Harris says that everyone thinks he is Afrikaans because he is built like them.

May 14 - Elder Perkins leading May 14 - Elders Flynn and Ryan - ZL Singing

Elder Perkins did his best to lead the music for DM. Elders Flynn and Ryan – the ZLs in the Vaal Zone got into the music! I really should have taken a video because the single picture does not do their singing justice.

May 14 - Elders Flynn and Ryan - ZL      Elders Ryan and Flynn are the zone leaders. Elder Flynn is from St George via Alpine and elder Ryan is from England. As I mentioned before hey did a very good job with zone training a week ago.

May 2014 - Sister Bobbi May 2014 - Sister Kujane

On Monday we down to Parys for our monthly visit with sister Bobbi. She is a lifelong member and we always come away with lots of good stories about the church in Africa. Sister Kujane is our RS president. We met her at the school where we have our offices and church. She was waiting for us next to this painting on the wall and I could not pass up taking her picture. She is doing a great job as President and loves serving the sisters of the branch.

Yesterday we had the first baptisms since we came here. Two wonderful sisters entered into the gate and started down the path to Eternal life.

31 May14 - Baptisms - Sisters, Kwaikwai, KelemSister Louisa on the left is 72 years old and since the second time the elders came to teach her she has wanted to be baptized.

31May14 - Baptisms - Elders Rogers, Kellem, 31 May14 - Baptisms - Us sis Motha  31 May14 - Baptisms - Sisters, Elders, Kwai, Kujane 31 May14 - Baptisms - Me and others 3

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