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President Anderson’s Letter 18 May and Pictures

We can help others in their infirmities and partner with our members to embrace them with the Gospel:

“We were harvesting on Saturday right before [a] baptism, and we saw this lady sitting outside in front of her house. We went and prayed with her and she really felt the spirit. She said that she would like to be baptized and come to church with us the next day. That is when the real miracle was. She came to church and after sacrament meeting when we asked her how she felt she said ‘I feel like I was just in a spiritual realm.’ And she immediately accepted a date to be baptized. Then she especially loved relief society. She felt like everyone cared about her and she was part of a family. When we followed up with her that night and taught her for the first time, we found out that her desire was to belong to a church where she feels like she has a family. She doesn’t have any family close by, and she really felt like she gained a new family yesterday!”

Others are looking for relief from their infirmities and you will be their sign from God:

“We went to harvest and we had a lot of energy and excitement. As we approached the building my companion said ‘hey, look at that door up there it has a cross on it. Let’s go knock it!’ We prayed then went straight to the door with the cross. The woman that answered the door was really excited to see us. She explained to us that the missionaries used to teach her and her family 15 years ago in North Carolina. She talked about how much she loved the missionaries and how well they explained everything. She said that us showing up at her door was a sign from God because she has a friend that’s a member of the church in Orlando who had e-mailed her that morning telling her she needed to come to church with her. Before we could even say the harvest blessing she was asking us where the closest chapel was. After the harvest blessing she felt the spirit we testified that God had sent us to her so that she could be baptized the 18th of May. She went back into her apt. grabbed her calendar and wrote down her baptismal date for the 18th and set and appointment for us to come over at noon the next day!”

We can help others recognize their infirmities and that God is the answer to their desire for “real happiness”:

“… we promised Heavenly Father that we would talk to everyone we see as we asked Him for someone who is willing to receive us to be placed into our paths. We OYM’d a couple of people and talked to a guy learning that he has been wanting to change. He not only accepted baptism etc… after the prayer because he felt “so amazing”,  but he stepped out on faith afterwards and did something remarkable. He told us that he knew God sent us to him specifically at that time because he was getting ready to light a marijuana joint to smoke. We testified, taught doctrine, asked him inspired questions letting him teach us what he knew inside for himself… After about 10 minutes of persuading him he went inside, came out with the rest of his marijuana and walked with us to the dumpster. He hesitated and laughed a little at how he couldn’t believe what he was about to do and sure enough, he threw it deep in! He did it, I asked him to march with joy back to his place because he just kept a commandment from God and he did so. Joyous and all!  His countenance definitely changed!”

Zone Conferences were held and below are the pictures from the different conferences. All the missionaries are there but you may have to look close to find your son or daughter..enjoy. We were released from the FFLM some 13 months ago but we were happy to see E/S Singleton, E/S Ellis. and E/S Sommerfeldt are still faithfully serving. We were surprised not to see the E/S Collins who have so well for over 4 years.

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