21 February 2012 – Ducks, Key Biscayne and a Visitor

We had a very busy but special day. As we walked out of our apartment we were met by these two ducks…there is always ducks but they usually stay out on the grass. This one just wanted to get a closer look.

cimg3455.jpg cimg3459.jpg

We spent the morning doing lots of different things at the office. I helped with finances, cars, and phones. Mary worked on getting missionaries moved around for transfer…only on the computer of course after President Anderson and the assistants have made the changes that will occur on Wednesday.

cimg3467.jpg cimg3468.jpg cimg3469.jpg

The big event of the day was Shauna came down from Orlando where her and Kelli are visiting. She stopped at our office to pick us up so we could go with her to visit a teaching institute in Key Biscayne. After her tour of the institute we had lunch at a nearby Cuban fast food shop. The food was OK but not something I will want to eat very often. After lunch I drove back to the office with a quick detour to show her our apartment. We bid goodbye to her in the parking lot and went back in to put in a couple more hours of getting things together for Transfer meeting tomorrow. We will not be there because we will be taking the soon to be released elders to the temple but there were things that others will need to take care of that we could help get prepared for the big day.

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