Musa Mkhonza Gets His Mission Call


Musa could not stand to wait until tomorrow to read where he was going so he jumped on a bus in Durban and made it home just in time to catch us before we left Esikhawini. He had to wait until sister Mthalane to come home and he was so nervous he kept getting up and looking to see if she was coming down the street. The whole family was there to share in his joy.


Finally he got to open the envelope and read that he is going to the Harare, Zimbabwe Mission. He was so excited that he forgot to read when he was to report to the MTC. He is to report in August. The long lead time is partly because he will not turn 19 until June.

What a wonderful experience it is to be part of helping these young men send in their papers and then to be there when they open their call. It is much like when our own sons got theirs.

One thought on “Musa Mkhonza Gets His Mission Call

  1. Brother and Sister Todd

    Congratulations! We can tell by your excitement that you will be a great missionary! We know that Heavenly Father has prepared people to listen to you. You are awesome to go on your mission!


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