19 October 2009

19 October 2009 – Monday

I believe that there is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven that says it has to rain every Monday because it is P-day.   

With coming of the rain, our plans for going somewhere for the day got washed away. But the day turned out to be a good one for us. Laundry, shopping, and many errands are now out of way. I now own a new white shirt, socks and some handkerchiefs. We also have a new 1500 piece puzzle that we are going to do from the front only even if it takes the rest of our mission – which it very well might.

While we were at the mall Spindile Kuene from Nselini walked up and said hello. We of course did not recognize her and told her she should introduce herself each time we meet until we do. It would be a major tender mercy from the Lord if we could remember the member’s names in the two branches. At CAN I talked to the two young ladies at the register and after telling them about services on Sunday I gave them each a picture of Christ so they might remember our conversation.

After we finished our shopping at the mall I went looking for somewhere to get a sign with the Church’s name on it for Nselini. Elder Tsegura wanted to paint one but I am going to see what a professional one will cost. If it is too expensive I will go back to plan B.

While I was visiting one store I was surprised to run in to President Vilane who was checking his e-mail. We talked for a short time and I asked if he would be available tomorrow to drive around and introduce us to some of the members. He said he would be happy to do that.

Back home I spent too much time working on the pictures from Saturday but there are some good ones from the funeral and a couple of them from the dance. I still am not getting the kind of pictures I would like to have and may end up getting a new camera for the last half of our mission.

We made a quick trip down to Meer N See to check our mail and pick up some cleaning. On the way back I mentioned that the B’s should be somewhere over the ocean but Mary said she did not think they left until after 5:00. For the fun of it I called their cell and was not surprised when no one answered. But a little later the Elder B called back and told me they were at the airport waiting for their plane. I mentioned we did not get a last hug and he said that they could not take any more of the pain of leaving. We talked about a few things and then I said goodbye for the last time to Elder B – the next time we talk he will be brother B. I have to say that I have a feeling of great loss when I think that they are gone. They have become very special to us and I will miss our daily chats and other contacts that we have grown use to. God be with you til we meet again Elder and Sister B. You leave the church in South Africa stronger than when you came – the Lord truly knew where you were needed most.

Our big p-day splurge was going to Spurs and taking advantage of their two for one burger special. We each get a double rib burger and bring home four nice slabs of great ribs. After dinner we drive to the Bs house – it will always be the Bs house to us – and decide what to bring to our boarding. We will leave a lot of the supplies for the new couple but we will take what we think we need and can use. Right now that is a working printer/copier/fax and a couple of boxes full of odds and ends. If no couple comes we will have to get bookcases for the garage or just box a lot of stuff up for storage.

We took the opportunity to watch an episode of an old Amazing Race that we think we first saw in Indonesia. Even though we think we know how it ends, we enjoy watching what is one of our favorite TV programs. It is the first TV we have watched in over 6 months – which goes to show you can actually live without it.

A 2 mite P-day

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