26 June 2008

26 June 2008 – Thursday

I did about 8 hours of hard work today. First I went and worked for a couple of hours at the Creers. Part of that time was spent talking to Cindy Brewer about what was going on with her family – they are going to have a busy summer including her teaching in Austria for a block. They will be back in September.

Back at our house I just kept finding things to do. Mainly I worked under oaks and cleaned off the lower patio so that it can be used. I would work for 90 minutes or so and work up a really good sweat and then come in and drink lots of water and cool off before going back for more. At 3:00 I hit a stopping point and took a long hot bath. When I got out of the bath I realized that my hip was not hurting. I will just be careful with it for the next few days so that I have no problem when we head for Oregon.

After taking a short nap I went to water some of the plants I put in recently. Some of them were rather limp from lack of water in the 90 + degree heat. Mary fixed a great dinner of biscuits and gravy – we like breakfast for dinner.

However the long day of work pretty much took away my ambition for the rest of the evening. I went out under the oaks to read. Lynn Wardle came by to check our phone number and we sat and talked for a while about Indonesia and other things. It was nice to just sit on the bench and enjoy his friendship.

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