24 June 2008

25 June 2008 – Wednesday

Worked at the Creers in the morning. Mainly I cleaned up Morning Glory by the pound. After that I continued working on our yard. Each day I find something new that needs to be done. Some area that needs weeding and pruning. My hip still hurts but as long as I do not try to climb anything, I can work.

In the afternoon we went over to the Rebers and I talked to brother Reber about the programs he will be working on. This morning an e-mail from Elder Subandriyo suggested that brother Reber meet with David Monson from LDS Audio/Video before he leaves for Indonesia. I explained this and the other four or five irons he will have in the fire. While I was doing this Mary introduced sister Reber to some of the members she will be working with. I got to feeling that we were adding to the Rebers’ anxiety so I stopped and told them not to worry that the Lord was in charge and things would work out.

After we left the Rebers we went shopping at CostCo and Albertsons – it is amazing how much we spend when we go shopping. I have come to realize how much more it costs to live here than it does in Indonesia. Mainly because there are more things that we can buy here.

In the evening I talked to Mike and he told me that Tyler was visiting UC Berkeley and Cindy and Krista were in So California so he is a bachelor until next week when they are all going to meet in So. Cal.

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