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28 June 2008

28 June 2008 – Saturday

I spent the first part of the morning getting all the clippings gathered up so when other people arrived we could just load up the truck and drive it to the chipper. The pile just kept growing and growing. I was afraid that it would take 2 or 3 loads to get rid of it all.

Bob showed up with all the kids and while Bob and I cut back all the dead branches on the spruces on the West side of the driveway, they watched TV and played cards with Mary. Brian worked on bringing more of the dead branches up from under the oaks. Lynn Wardle – our home teacher – came with his trailer and Nate Tanner – our next door neighbor – arrived with his truck.

With 6 of us loading up the debris, the work went quickly. We put Lynn’s trailer on the back of Nate’s truck and between the two it only took one trip to the chipper. I was so relieved and it count it as a tender mercy from the Lord that we have such good neighbors and family. Besides this Bob got the sprinklers working so that we do not have to worry about that while we go to Tom’s.

After lunch Bob and his family went home and Brian and Elliott went camping. I continued to work in the yard and got the drive way completely cleaned off – it actually seems strange to have everything so neat and clean. I cleaned up the area just South of the hot tub. It was the last section that needed major work. There are still things that will need to be done, but the really major things are finished. I could sit under the oaks and read and not feel guilty.

I read the SS lesson for tomorrow – Alma 13-16. In fact I read it a couple of times so that I could participate in the lesson. I had earlier read the PH lesson and then remembered that it will be put off for a week because of the change in group leadership tomorrow.

It was a very good day. Lots of work got done, grandchildren came and had a good time, and the gospel was studied. The blessings of the gospel continue to flow to me. It is easy to see the love and concern of my Heavenly Father in my life. Hopefully I can so live that I show my gratitude for these blessings.

27 June 2008

27 June 2008 – Friday

I spent the morning working on the Creers and our yard. I had decided to call it quits by 10 so I could get ready for the rest of the day but I got a lot accomplished in just 3 hours.

Mary dropped me off at Out N Back and then went off to do some errands – including going to the library to get some novels on CD so we could listen on our trip to Oregon. Keith and I had a good couple of hours talking mostly about the store and things that needed to be done to get it in shape. Mainly it has to do with the roof and hopefully that will not cost a fortune.

Mary came by and picked me up so we could go have our last meeting with the Rebers. I am starting to worry that we gave them much too much to think about. But they are great people and I do not imagine that much can shake them. I think the most important thing we have done for them is to get them learning to use the computer. They had very little experience before their call.

In the evening we went to a movie and dinner with the Alexanders. It is always a treat to be with them. The movie – Made of Honor – was fun but very predictable. The important thing about the evening was that we shared it with good friends – our best friends.

26 June 2008

26 June 2008 – Thursday

I did about 8 hours of hard work today. First I went and worked for a couple of hours at the Creers. Part of that time was spent talking to Cindy Brewer about what was going on with her family – they are going to have a busy summer including her teaching in Austria for a block. They will be back in September.

Back at our house I just kept finding things to do. Mainly I worked under oaks and cleaned off the lower patio so that it can be used. I would work for 90 minutes or so and work up a really good sweat and then come in and drink lots of water and cool off before going back for more. At 3:00 I hit a stopping point and took a long hot bath. When I got out of the bath I realized that my hip was not hurting. I will just be careful with it for the next few days so that I have no problem when we head for Oregon.

After taking a short nap I went to water some of the plants I put in recently. Some of them were rather limp from lack of water in the 90 + degree heat. Mary fixed a great dinner of biscuits and gravy – we like breakfast for dinner.

However the long day of work pretty much took away my ambition for the rest of the evening. I went out under the oaks to read. Lynn Wardle came by to check our phone number and we sat and talked for a while about Indonesia and other things. It was nice to just sit on the bench and enjoy his friendship.

24 June 2008

25 June 2008 – Wednesday

Worked at the Creers in the morning. Mainly I cleaned up Morning Glory by the pound. After that I continued working on our yard. Each day I find something new that needs to be done. Some area that needs weeding and pruning. My hip still hurts but as long as I do not try to climb anything, I can work.

In the afternoon we went over to the Rebers and I talked to brother Reber about the programs he will be working on. This morning an e-mail from Elder Subandriyo suggested that brother Reber meet with David Monson from LDS Audio/Video before he leaves for Indonesia. I explained this and the other four or five irons he will have in the fire. While I was doing this Mary introduced sister Reber to some of the members she will be working with. I got to feeling that we were adding to the Rebers’ anxiety so I stopped and told them not to worry that the Lord was in charge and things would work out.

After we left the Rebers we went shopping at CostCo and Albertsons – it is amazing how much we spend when we go shopping. I have come to realize how much more it costs to live here than it does in Indonesia. Mainly because there are more things that we can buy here.

In the evening I talked to Mike and he told me that Tyler was visiting UC Berkeley and Cindy and Krista were in So California so he is a bachelor until next week when they are all going to meet in So. Cal.