31 May 2008

31 May 2008 – Saturday

Final packing and moving day. That about says it all until about 4:00 P.M. Sam made 3 trips to the mission office with boxes and other items for the Rebers. Mary went with him the last time so she could buy a larger expandable suitcase. Even after making one more package for the Wisers to ship for us, we did not have enough room. The last trip was just us and the last few things. We left the apartment clean and neat and closed the door for the last time.

President Marchant and his family went to Bandung today and will stay overnight so they can go to church there. So when we got to the mission home we had it all to ourselves. The Walkers invited us to go with them to a pancake house for dinner and of course we were happy to do that. It was back at the Pacific Place Mall. It was a very nice restaurant, the staff was excellent and the food delicious. Mary had almond pancakes with sauce and vanilla ice cream. I had pancakes, eggs and sausage. We sampled each other’s meal. It was nice to sit and talk more about our missions and what we had learned from them.

When we got back to the mission home I shifted the contents of the luggage around to include the new suitcase. Even with this extra space, I am not sure we can get everything into the four that we are allowed. It is amazing how much we have to take home. On our next mission we will have to have a container to ship everything home.

We ended the evening by reading the end of D&C 76 and started 77. The language was so difficult that after a half hour we called it quits. About that time the elders came home and I sa and talked to them for a while. They had been out working and doing some shopping. They are a good group and seem to enjoy being together.

It was a good day – not much of a missionary day but a good day. I feel like I am suspended between two worlds. Both of which I love and have reasons to want to stay, but I am not really in either.

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