1 June 2008

1 June 2008 – Sunday

Our last full day in Indonesia. I feel like I am between worlds – and not comfortable in either. The world of our mission is quickly closing and it will be a few days before we really are back in our own house and in our own ward. Today when I wanted it to hurry up and be done but also wanted it never to end.

We slept well and woke right at 6:00 so we had plenty of time to get ready before Sam picked us up. We thought we were going to pick up Margretha and take her to church but it turned out she had to work so all we did was get the small Moroni plaques from her, take a couple of pictures and wave goodbye. Because of her job requiring her to be in Jakarta, it appears she will not be baptized on the 6th but on the 13th.

It was a wonderful way to spend our last day and last Sabbath. Fast and testimony meeting was rather touching because Sister Tina – the Relief Society President and her daughter are leaving for the US and her wedding in Arizona. President Anthony said some kind words about us. I am afraid my mind wandered a lot during the meeting. But as the meeting was going on, I decided to stop stressing about the extra wait and perhaps bag we need to take. The most it is going to do is cost us some money and that is replaceable. So we will probably end up with 5 bags instead 4 or be overweight with the 4. Which ever works the easiest.

After the meeting Sister Penni – who happens to be moving to Bekasi – could hardly say goodbye to Sister Pier. They have grown very close and we will miss them also. I wish we had worked more closely with the branches but obviously they appreciated what we did do. Especially Sister Pier’s willingness to play at almost any time.

I forgot to mention that brother Herman bore his testimony and told about how he is trying to introduce the gospel to his friends at his former church and at work. So far he has been turned down but he is the kind who will just keep trying. The elders need to work with him where ever possible.

We went to our last Asa-Asa Injil class and it was on the Word of Wisdom. There were a number of investigators in the class including a sister who took English from the Palmers and Gotchers – which means at least 3 – 4 years ago. I need to ask elder Cheney how they found her. It was a good class – taught by elder Cheney. We did not really participate but we were able to read the lesson and understand what was being taught.

PH was on President Monson’s PH Conference talk about being good examples for our family, friends and others. Again I did not participate but not many did as it was mostly lecture. After the meeting we took some pictures of the PH group. I must remember to write down names so that brother Reber might know them before he gets here.

After the meetings we went down to the chapel to have a baptismal ceremony for Sister Yuliana who is brother Herman’s wife. I imagine his daughter will join them soon. Mary was asked to play for the meeting. Brother Herman was obviously nervous about baptizing his wife but he did well. It took two attempts but that is one better than Elder Suseono did when he baptized elder Herman a few weeks ago.

After the meeting, we all went upstairs where there was a short ceremony wishing Sister Tina a safe journal. Her heart was full and she could hardly stop talking about her feelings and love for the branch and the Lord. Then they called us up and gave us a couple of Angel statues and we said a very few words. Then we had a branch picture taken – their branch is small enough that we could do this. It will be a nice memory.

Then there was food – I think sister Tina provided it. I was asked to offer the blessing and then Mary and I shared one meal. There was a good sweet and sour chicken, good rice, and ok veggies but the egg was much too spicy for us.

When we were done we went around saying goodbye to all the members and took a few more pictures. Mary and Sister Penni had a last goodbye and then we waved goodbye to all. We had no sooner gotten out to the street then a Bluebird taxi stopped for us and took us straight back to Senopati without any hesitation.

We arrived back just minutes before President Marchant and his family returned from Bandung.

The remainder of the day was spent talking, packing, and then our farewell dinner. I asked the president to invite the sisters and the Jakarta Raya elders to come. We have grown close to the sisters and of course Elder Cheney has spent the better part of his mission in our branches. After dinner they all said nice things about us. When I got to reply I told them that one of the best parts of the mission was to serve with them. I then talked some about how they serve through sickness and pain without complaints. Then I bore my testimony and I think that it was as strong as any I have born.

I am happy to say that I think we are going to get everything into the luggage and still be under weight. We will just have to wait and see how it comes out.

When the President gets back from a viewing at the chapel he will interview us for our temple recommend. That will just about wrap it up for our mission – at least the Jakarta Indonesian part. We have promised the elders a BBQ sometime in October or November for anyone who is around BYU or wants to come. Maybe we can make it a tradition – at least once we have stopped going on missions and will be home regularly.

How will we ever know how we influenced someone? I do not think that is why we are called on missions – that is to know the outcome. We just plow and plant and then move on leaving the weeding and nourishing to others and the harvest to yet others. We do what we can do as well as we can do it. That is what the Lord expects of us and if we do that we have fulfilled our calls.

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