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01 April 2008


I am always looking for big or unusual motorcycle loads. So when I saw this one with just a very small file securely strapped to the seat, I decided it was my minimalist load. Another load of flowers is not really new but this one had the tallest flowers wrapped up for protection while the rest was just blowing in the wind – that is something I have not seen before. The Walls delivery man on a two wheel bike is not often seen. Usually they have a three wheeler with the coolers in front. Walls ice cream is one of the many things I will miss.

1 April 2008 – Tuesday

It is a new month and in America this would be April Fools day – which will not start there for another couple of hours. I had a good workout this morning. I am determined to arrive home both physically and spiritually healthier than when I left. I look forward to seeing how my tests come back when we get our physicals.

We read from the Kitab Mormon – this morning it was the exchange of letters between Moroni and the king of the Lamanites. Moroni might have been a great military leader but his diplomatic skills – especially when it came to writing letters – could have used some help.

We have our regular shift at the Employment office. The internet connection comes and goes until I call Hendra to complain. I found out later he called Speedy and raised Cain. It worked as it became steady and true for the rest of the day.

I wrote a number of e-mails – one to make it official that the IEC was cancelled, talked to Tom on Skype – Kelli is getting big, and ended up calling Bishop Pletsch to see if he got my e-mail about wanting to speak on the 8th of June so the family could come. Once I got through with the e-mail and getting the internet working, I started in on more vocabulary for those who are preparing for the Michigan test. About 40% of the test is about vocabulary so it is very important. 40% more is about reading comprehension and the last 20% is grammar. We can do quite a bit about the first two in a month or so, but we have had less luck on the last because they often ask things that even native English speakers have to really think about. Mary worked on her English class stuff and then posted the latest Workshop enrollment.

Sam got lunch for me – the first time I have eaten street food in a couple of weeks. Mary had a tuna sandwich. I am going to miss eating off the street – some of the best meals I have had are those and none cost over 80 cents – today’s was 60 cents.

One of the e-mails I sent was an April Fools that said we were extending for 3 months so we could help train the couple that is replacing us. The Christensens wrote and said they were not sure if it was a April Fools joke or not. Just a minute ago Jim wrote to say that I got him good but Kristy did notice my April Fools P.S. at the bottom.

We went to the mission home so Mary could teach her English class. While she was doing that I got to read the latest Church News and talk to President Marchant for a while about missionary work. He is worried about the lack of couples that are being called to Indonesia. They are very important everywhere but especially in Central Java because of the HS English class.

Elder Walker was really busy. The wheelchair order finally came in so he was arranging to have them delivered to different locations for distribution. They were supposed to be here last September but some paperwork problems delayed them 6 months. Elder Walker is an amazing man – he is really focused on helping the people of Indonesia in as many ways as he can and does not take no for an answer when he thinks the project is vital. I do not know why I am surprised – after all the Lord knew what kind of man Elder Walker was when he had him sent here as Country Director. Like the stripling warriors, Elder Walker does not doubt so the Lord continues to sustain him.

Sam worked with Diaz on his passport so they can go to the Philippines to be sealed. Early today I wrote a letter of recommendation for Sam saying that he was my employee. It seems you can not get a passport if you are not employed. After Mary was finished with her class, we headed back to the apartment.

Late afternoon and evening flies by – We read from the Kitab Mormon about the first battle of Moroni’s 2000 warriors. When I read about their trust in the Lord and how they had been taught by their mothers never to doubt, I can feel their strength. Elder Kane sent out a request for help on getting on Skype so I called him and got him up and running. Amazingly enough our connection held for both video and audio – strange how it comes and goes. I forgot to ask him how he liked his new Mac.

31 March 2008


This is the skirt that started it all. It is a beautiful pattern in gold and shades of green. I tried to get a clearer picture of the details. The material and the sewing cost under $10.

31 March 2008 – Monday

Today was a semi-P-Day for us. I did a lot of studying Indonesian during the early morning hours – I could not go back to sleep. We read from the Kitab Mormon before leaving to go buy fabric for some ties for me. The reason for this was that when I showed up at Zone Conference with a new tie that matched one of Mary’s skirts, everyone loved it. I really liked the tie but felt that I should not covenant it, so I ended up giving the two I had to Elder Kane and Elder Roper who were the two that admire it most. Our trip today is to see if we can find the same stall in that huge fabric building and get enough material for another tie or two.

Luckily we were early enough that getting into the parking lot did not take the 45 minutes it did last time. However the parking structure was packed as was the building itself. We retraced our route from the last time and after buying more different material for tie making, we found the right stall and they did have more material.

**** Now fast forward 4 hours and while we were reading from the Kitab Mormon, President Marchant called and wanted to know where we got the material for my ties that I gave away. It turned out that the President wants to have ties made for the elders and skirts for the sisters. We told him where it was and then called to see if they had 30 – 40 meters of the same color and pattern. It turned out they didn’t but would be able to get it by tomorrow. So it will not be long before the official Indonesian Mission Tie will be Mary’s special pattern.

Now back to the morning. After getting everything we wanted or at least enough to satisfy us today, we headed for the mission office where I turned in the Michigan Tests to brother Tandiman, got the mail, and arranged to get some packing tape tomorrow so we can make up packages to send home.

Our next stop was Sogo for groceries – especially orange juice – and bakery goods. Then it was time to go back to our apartment. We had lunch, read from the Kitab Mormon, and then worked on different projects. Mine were working on pictures and the blog, and making up some vocabulary lists and exercises for Titan and Hani. This last task takes lots of time and thought. But I enjoy doing it and it is a good way to use the time.

We read from the Kitab Mormon for the third time. We have now made up for the days that we either missed altogether or only read once. We are in the middle of the war between the “Freemen” and the Lamanites. We just got to where the 2000 stripling warriors are joining the army of the Nephites.

Mary continues to work on English games for the Central Java HS classes and making caps for infants. Sunday she got another four skeins of yarn for the project. I spent my time working on various projects that never seem to end. Elder Hallstrom’s conference talk was my bedtime reading. Spencer W. Kimball’s “Do it” and “Do it Now” does not translate all that well into Indonesian.