And the days dwindle down…

As we drove to the lawyer’s office this morning, I realized that in 73 hours we would be checking in at the MTC to start our mission. As I write this it is now down to 62 hours. I imagine we should be running around getting things ready, but instead Mary is watching ‘Polar Express’ and I am recording some new music from the web.

Earlier we went to the movies with the Alexanders – Deja Vu – and then to the ward Christmas party. Other than that it has been mainly studying Indonesian.

I do have some things that need to be done – including checking to see if the sale of the apartments over on Main street is going along without any problem. I imagine we would have heard from the buyers it things were not OK. Also there are some things that need to be done on the BYU rentals. But all in all I think things are pretty much under control.

 I am going to ask Mike, Bob, and Tom to not tell us any problems unless they are really something they can not work out between them. I do not want to have anything from home interfere with what we are doing in Indonesia.

I would be happy to get on the plane and head for Indonesia tomorrow. I do not seem to be worried at all. However I am sure when the time really comes to head for the airport, the reality of it all will set in.

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