Daily Archives: December 15, 2006


15 December 2006 – Friday

We went back to the MTC for one more day to learn something about teaching ESL classes. I am really glad we did because we got a great manual and had the chance to teach an actual class. After some introduction information we observed a class being taught. Then we went back to our room and were taught some ideas on how to plan a lesson.

We were then given our objective and what was to be taught. We were to teach ‘future tense’ using Will and ‘am going to.’ We did a little work on our plans before going to lunch. After we had eaten our lunch we came home to get an old suitcase for the Kanes so they could pack away their winter clothes. They are leaving them with a relative in the area. It is nice to be able to help our new friends and since the suitcase had not been used since Susie went to Australia some 30 years ago, I am sure we are not going to miss the suitcase.

Back at the MTC we worked out our lesson plan and then we got to teach. I must confess that I was a little worried but everything went really well. Mary started and finished while I filled in the middle. I think we covered all the material, brought in Preach My Gospel, and had enough activities to keep them interested as well as learning. Mary had a great activity that integrated the objective, the need to cooperate, and writing skills.

Before we left I was prompted to tell them that they were going out to change the world by bringing others unto Christ. I told them that they were the only ones who could bring peace to the world. That no amount of guns or money can do that. But one by one they can.

As we left they asked us if we would be back to teach on Monday. I think that meant that they enjoyed our teaching. It made me feel very good. After the class the teacher said we did an excellent job with the best part being our smiles and the excitement we brought to our teaching.

Of course it helped that the missionaries had been there for four weeks so most could understand and speak pretty good English. Also we were able to judge something about their level of confidence when in the class earlier in the day.

After that experience I am almost willing to go back on Monday – at least for the morning class. According to the manual we will be taught activities we can use in teaching ESL. I am afraid the MTC experience is catching.

When the class was over Mary and I went to the bank and then to dinner. As we waited for our meal I read and Mary memorized scriptures in Indonesian. Even after eating out, we made it home just after 6:30. It felt strange to be here that early. We made Skype calls to Jim – Olivia was already in bed – Bob – all the girls were there – and Tom – his camera was not working so we did not get to see them. But they did see us. I am very glad that through Skype we will be able to see as well as talk to our children and grandchildren.

I almost forgot another experience at the MTC. I was getting Mary a water when I came across a district practicing street approaches with each other. I volunteered to role play an investigator and two missionaries taught me a quick 1st lesson. Once again they had a little trouble getting started but once they got it going, they did an excellent job. I did not make it easy for them but it did not disturb them. It felt great to hear their message and see the earnest desire to teach on their young faces.

Four days until we leave for Indonesia – I am getting trunky.