It is about 8 a.m. and I am looking out my window at the snow covered landscape. Frosted trees, white blanketed deck and yard, Cline Black’s snow shingled roof. Soon this sight will just be a memory to think about in the heat and humidity of Indonesia.

 Last night I went to serve in the temple for the last time before we leave. It was mentioned that it would be my last time and some of the brothers asked me about the mission and wished me well.

 I had the opportunity to officiate in one of the sessions and it went very well, except at the very end I was thinking too much about the fact that it was my last session and got up too early. So I went out saying maaf-maaf in my mind. The rest of the evening went by quickly and it was not long before I was helping my last parton. Then all I had to do was change and carry out my suit bag which will hang in the closet until I get home.

 Earlier in the day we had our lesson with sister Tippets and I realized that I have a pretty good idea about the how Indonesian is constructed and it is my limited vocabulary that is really holding me back. However I continue to believe that there is a reason for us to learn Indonesian well enough to communicate with the Indonesian people. Therefore I will try hard to reach that point and trust that the Lord will help me when it is needed.

 I have not written about the family gathering for Thanksgiving. I guess that is because they were here and therefore know how wonderful it was. I know I will miss each of them but I also know that what we are doing will help our family. They will know that we have strong testimonies of the gospel and that we are going on this mission to share the blessings the Lord has given to us.

I am really not worrying about what will happen to our earthly goods while we are gone. I am sure that our family will take care of things for use. However, other than the family, nothing is being left behind that is not replaceable.

 I just looked up and did a double take because it looked like there was a huge snow covered mountain range at the South end of the valley. It took a couple of seconds to realize it was nothing more than a cloud bank. I tried to take a picture but it could not capture the effect. Even as I write this the clouds have moved and the ‘range’ is quickly disappearing.

 It is very cold today – sangat dingin hari ini. It is not supposed to get above freezing. In Jakarta at 9 at night it is 81.

We just got a call from brother and sister Hash who are going to the Indonesia and are now in the MTC. We are going to try and see them on Thursday night. I think they are going to the area we would have gone to if our mission had not been changed. After talking to them I am a little disappointed that we are staying in Jakarta. But I am sure it was the Lord’s desire that it is working out this way.

Yesterday in the temple I spoke with a brother who with his wife has served missions in the South Pacfic and Egypt. In the Pacific they served on an island that was about 100 yard wide and 30 miles long. It had one road running down the middle. They worked for CES and made a major difference in the five branches on the island. As I listened I realized that the Lord expects us to be inspired to do as much as we can to build up the kingdom. Just as in any calling we need to give the full two mites to receive all the blessings.


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