Daily Archives: November 4, 2006

Indonesian in Westminister

November 3, 2006 – I guess it should not be a surprise that Indonesian is consuming more and more of our time. For example, this evening we went to hear a piano recital at Westminister College and as we were waiting for it to start we studied Indonesian in the lobby. I would guess that does not happen everyday. What I thought was interesting was no one paid any attention to our trying to speak this strange language.Actually we did not study as much today as we usually do. That was because we spent most of the day in Salt Lake. Mary went up to see Mike and get new glasses before we leave. After that we had lunch where we read novels instead of Indonesian. Then we went to the distribution center when Mary ordered her garments that she will need to take with us. A trip to downtown SL to see if we could get some things from the closing of The Inn at Temple Square proved useless. It seems that almost everything was sold yesterday – the first day of the sale. We then looked at some art galleries – nothing special – and finally we stopped in at the art spaces on Pierpont avenue. By then it was about time to head up to the college to find where we would be later in the evening. We studied Indonesian for about an hour before getting something to eat and then going back to the college to hear Shostakovich’s first 12 Preludes and Fugues played by Kori Bond.

In the morning I asked Mary for Olivia’s birthdate and she told me it today, so I called and left a message telling her Happy Birthday. On our trip to Salt Lake she realized that today was not the 4th but the 3rd and so I had called a day early. I can not complain since I seldom remember birthdates of our children, let alone our grandchildren. I do wish I had Mary’s memory.