A Nice Braai with the Louws….

We went to Klerksdorp for district meeting and as usual enjoyed the time with the elders. They are doing really well on learning how to lead music, a talent they can use throughout their mission and their life. Even though the zone leaders, elder Reese and elder Togiatomai were with us, for some reason I did not take a single picture. Which is a shame since this particular group of elders will not be together again before some are transferred.

After the district meeting we went to the Louws for a traditional South African braai or BBQ as we would know it in the US. There was piles of food, good fellowship, and nice weather. as we were able to spend a couple of hours with this fine family.

IMG_7649 IMG_7651_2 Togiatomai, Gerhard, Taylor IMG_7652 Since elder Togiatomai was on splits with elders Taylor and Liera he was able to join us for the braai. Also their nephew Gerhard was visiting from Pretoria. We had met him before when we went to the funeral for sister Louw’s father.

While we were eating and talking I noticed a yellow weaver busy with either entering a nest hanging in a nearby tree. I did not realize that the entrance of the nest was on the bottom. This got me to wondering why the eggs or young birds would not fall out. But obviously mother nature has worked this out or there would not be as many weavers around as there are.

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