The Heros and Heroines of the Morning…

The senior office couples – Thompsons, Hansens and Allreds along with the Clowards and Davies worked for days if not weeks to make Christmas morning happen. The same thing is true of the group that met the night before up in the NorthEast. Since some of the elders and couples are over 5 hours away from the mission home, the president decided that they should have their own program. The Meldrums, Heyens, Harwards, Campbells and others made sure that the elders in their zones had a great Christmas experience,

I wish I had pictures of each of the couples so you could see those who take care of your sons but here are some I do have.

Clowards Hansens

The Clowards and Hansen’s – soon to be Mr and Mrs Claus

Sis Allred - bro Clowardjpg mr and mrs claus

Sister Davies with elder Cloward…got to love his apron – sister Cloward’s said “The did not marry me me for my cooking,” which tells you a little about how much fun these two wonderful people are as they serve. The Hansens as the Clauses went around posing with the elders for Christmas pictures.

Older elder Thompson serving IMG_7283

Elder Davies and the other couples were on the food line making sure the elders had plenty to eat. If you look down the row you can see sister Davies and elder Cloward dishing up the great omelette that was served. The only picture I have of the Thompsons together is this one of them once again dishing up food. This was earlier this month during the mission tour conference with elder Cook.

IMG_4866  IMG_5889

Here are the Davies together and also the Allreds who work so hard in the office. 1487283_10205710180378369_1475433612842224054_n 10393842_10205710193058686_8365898285849947150_n

I must not leave out the wonderful couples who serve up in the Tanzeen area. Since they are about 5 1/2 hours away from Johannesburg they held there Christmas gathering for the elders up there on Christmas eve. So these 8 elders had 8 great senior missionaries to serve them!

All of these are truly the unsung heroes and heroines of the mission as they did what ever was necessary to make sure the elders had a very Merry Christmas as they served away from their homes and their families.

1 thought on “The Heros and Heroines of the Morning…

  1. Katrina Bryner

    My heart is so full of gratitude for all the hard work and love that went into making Christmas so special for all the missionaries. When Elder Bryner tried to Skype home from the church they realized that they ran out of data ( he was the last to Skype) one of the senior couples came to the rescue with their laptop and he was able to make it work. Thank you for loving our boys and know that you are in our prayers!! You are my heroes!!!


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