Interlude – 28 April 2014 – Monday – I get my haircut!

I rather feel like Mormon when he writes some of his thoughts in the Book of Mormon. However some pictures are taking a long time to load so I thought I would write about getting a haircut in Potchefstroom.

One of the small malls we visit has a real barber shop and I decided that I really must get my hair cut before President Omer says something about my curls. So after washing my hair in the sink – one of our geysers (hot water heaters) is not working so there is no hot water in the bathrooms – I went there. I knew it was a holiday but I thought since many stores are open to cater to all the other people with days off that he might be also. Well I was wrong – almost. When I got there the shop was dark and i was about to walk away when a man asked me something in Afrikaans and then again when I answered in English. It turned out he was the barber and he was just heading home.

I told him I would come back tomorrow but he opened up his shop and gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had. We had a good time talking about his life, his training and how he ended up being a barber. It took about 20 minutes and the cost was only 50 rand or about $5! I told him he had my business for the next 16 months.

2 thoughts on “Interlude – 28 April 2014 – Monday – I get my haircut!

  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    So exciting to sit down at the computer and find all of your new posts. We are trying to find blogs from any of the missionaries in Brisbane Mission, but so far other than the mission blog we have been unsuccessful. Looks like a wonderful place to call home while you are in So. Africa again and will look forward to pictures when they come. I am figuring that you finally have internet at your home since all of these new entries came. Visas are hard to come by for Australia and so we are praying hard for the FBI clearance process to be speedy so that they can work on our visa. Some couples are waiting several months beyond their actual entry date to leave. We also made the decision not to go to the MTC this time and our mission president sent his agreement to excuse us. Well, enough here, but it is wonderful to see and hear from our wonderful friends!

    1. Bill Post author

      Hi Mickelsens – Our friends the Taylors – we served with them in Indonesia and now they are here in SA with us – found a really fast way to get FBI clearance via the internet. is his email address – you could write him and say you are our friends and I am sure he would help.Glad you like pictures – lots more to come! Sorry to hear about the wait for Australia visas – I think that since the US is taking 4-5 months to clear visas, other countries are reciprocating.


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