Catching Up #4 – Couples Conference

The first time we came to South Africa we arrived two days before a wonderful couples conference was held in Swaziland – which happened to be where we were to serve our first 2 1/2 months. So we got to meet and share experiences with all the couples in the mission. This time we had to wait a month before we attended one. As always it was a great experience as we got to know each of the couples and introduce ourselves to them.

The first day we all met near the mission office and spent the morning getting to know each other. There was a very informative presentation by President Mbletke of the mission presidency who talked about living under apartheid and how he came to join the church. Joining the church completely changed his life by opening up educational opportunities that he had not dreamed of. We were thrilled to hear his name announced as a new area 70 at conference. He will be a wonderful one.

Mar2014 CC - Setting up - TaylorMar2014 CC - DaviesOur good friend elder Taylor looked at the camera as I took a picture of setting up for the conference. Elder and Sister Davie serve in the Randburg

Mar2014 CC - E-S BrammeMar2014 CC - E-S Cloward - Randburg

The Brummers serve in Mokopane and the Clowards serve as S&I missionaries.

Mar2014 CC - E-S Harward - Polokwane Mar2014 CC - Harward and Cloward

E/S Harwood serve in Seshego as MLS missionaries.

After the morning meeting we all met at the temple for a session. The Johannesburg temple is a small one and there were enough of us that we not only filled the seats but they had to bring in chairs. It was very special to share this experience with all of our fellow senior couples.

After the meeting we all gathered at Mike’s Kitchen for a meal where the conversation was more important than the food – but the food was also very good. I got to eat Kingsklip for the first time in over 3 years!

Mar2014 CC - Group eating 2 Mar2014 CC - group eating 3Mar2014 CC - group eating

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